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Nectar Cafe

And here is the cafe finished … we’ve also updated our menu so take a look Nectar Cafe



I thought you might like to see how we are updating the cafe … Windows have gone in and we are just starting to clad the walls, roof and woodturner due to be fitted next week.

Icono plano abeja #2    Bee …lieve in great food!

We have had a cafe at Be A Garden Maker for the past 12 years however we’ll be giving the place a face lift ready for our opening at Easter.

We hope to be able to temp you with a little of what you fancy with homemade treats.

Cosy up by our wood burning stove or sit outside on a nice day ….

3 thoughts on “Nectar Cafe”

  1. Best lunch I have had for ages and the best brownies EVER. Staff were very helpful, friendly and efficient.

  2. Hi Margaret

    Sorry you had a bad experience. Unfortunately as we have only been open 7 days our staff are still learning.As the owner I was here to oversee the staff and I think I know the incident which we have learnt from. Thanks for you comment and hope you will give us another try using our loyalty card or the 10% discount leaflet which is available for the 1st month whist everyone is new to the place.

  3. Unfortunately we did not have particularly good experience on our first visit to the newly opened cafe. There seemed to be too many staff who didn’t really know what they were doing with no one in charge to oversee the smooth running of service. Hopefully this will improve with time.

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