See how we have updated the place!

We’ll be adding new photos to this page every week to show you what we’ve managed to do and what we are planning for the weeks to come.

WE ARE HOPING TO OPEN EARLY JUNE … we’ve had lots of customers visiting us to find out when we are reopening.

We started with a spot of tidying ….

Plants, display gardens and our entrance gardens are being grown and updated ….

And we have started to paint both inside & out …

So what is next …

  • Watch out for our new food menu
  • We are planning to upgrade our cafe; walls, roof, window looking out on to the garden centre, and will hopefully include a lovely warm woodburning stove

We’ve had a delay … a bit frustrating as the spring season is starting early this year and the weather is causing us to see lots of early plants, birds and animals.

Don’t forget to cover tender plants with fleece to prevent damage from frost.


We’ve been out buying some lovely new spring plants which are happily budding and showing that spring is on its way …

Spring Fair at the NEC Birmingham gave a great opportunity to find lots of lovely new items for our shop. We can’t wait to be able to open so you can see what we have found.



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