Wicker Work with Julie Livesey

Julie has been teaching wicker sculpting courses for many years and has provided us will a range of wonderful courses that will teach you the skill and you’ll take home some lovely items to display in your garden or home.

Fri 4th Oct 1/2 day Obelisk 10-12.30 £55
Fri 4th Oct 1/2 day Small Animal Sculpting £45
Fri 15th Nov Stag Sculpting £100
Fri 29th Nov Stag Sculpting £100
Fri 13th Dec 1/2 Day Xmas Decorations £45
Fri 13th Dec 1/2 Day Xmas Decoration £45

The day includes refreshments and cake, full days also include a light lunch.
To book send a message or call 01729 840848