Furniture Painting Techniques £75

Wed 15th April 2020
Wed 20th May 2020
You’ll learn, in the day how to paint a small piece of furniture that you will bring along with you using special paints by Tina Bennett who specialises in creating bespoke pieces.
The day includes refreshments, a light lunch and cakes to end the day also all equipment and supplies. You will also have the opportunity to buy any products to use at home.

9.45-10.00am coffee and introductions 

10-10.15 talk about the itinerary of the day .

Talk about the environmental benefits of up-cycling furniture .

Talk about the paint and products we are going to use, and the reason for using these products . 

11.00- cleaning and preparing the furniture pieces , and choosing colours and styles . 

12-12.30 Lunch 

1.15-3.00 painting the piece and discussing throughout . Finish and seal the piece . 


Questions and answers and a chance to purchase paint and associated products at 10% discount on the day . Please let me know your thoughts and if anything needs changing.